What does this mean and how can I fix it? Google won't index it. I think?

I couldn’t cut and paste the text so here is a Snippet (hosted by imgur)


You’ve cut off the original request, so we can’t tell what’s going on with the redirect.

In general, if you have a 301, what Google does is to follow the redirection, and index the page the 301 was redirecting to. This makes sense, because that’s also what regular users will see - their browser will replace whatever was supposed to be in the URL bar with the target of the 301.

Also, if Google in the past has indexed the URL that emits the 301, they’ll update their index and change all the results that previously returned that URL, to the new URL.

This standard mechanism is documented here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/93633

Finally, if you DON’T want Google to follow your 301 - simply don’t serve it. Show the content you want, at the URL that you want. May require URL rewriting on the server level if your app does not have the capability.

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I did not put a 301 redirect on this URL. It should not be there at all.
the original URL is the URL it redirects too

How can I get rid of the redirect?

for Server the error shows it is coming from Cloudflare, that is why I asked here first

and why would Google decide not to index it if it has a 301 redirect? What do they care if I moved a page.

:wave: @mark21,

Do you have it trying to index http://something.something and your URL is httpS://something.someting? Also reread @shimi’s response I think they already answered you subsequent follow-up questions.


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Well I am pleased that it fixed it for you, but it did not fix anything for me.

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