What does the WP plugin do extra that I cannot do from my CF Dashboard

Hi all,

I have the CF plugin installed on my site https://culturematters.com
I’m not using any of the paid features with that.
Does it do anything more than what I can do with my CF dashboard using my browser?
I’d like to keep as few plugins active on my site in order to keep the speed of my site as high as possible.


From the actual plugin description page, these are features unique to the plugin:

  • APO
  • Auto Cache Purge
  • Header Rewrite
  • HTTP2 Server Push


Thanks for the quick response.

To be honest, not sure what it all means; but I guess my site will benefit from this…

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Apart from that, Cloudflare Plugin does following

By all means test drive the plugin and see if it works for you. After a trial run I prefer not using it. It did not do anything for me that I couldn’t do some other way that I preferred. It also has numerous recent unfavorable user reviews. And, I run lotsa plugins already - I hesitate to add any more that I don’t absolutely need.

The one thing it has going for it in my case is auto cache purge since I cache my pages.

Ok. Thanks for all the answers.

I’ll play around with it for some time…

Kind regards,

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