What does: pause cloudflare on site do

I want to see if cloudflare is blocking access to some files, and discovered the pause cloudflare on site link. I clicked on it, but I can still create firewall rules, page rules etc. So I wonder what does it do ? It disables all activity from cloudflare completely, or only disable new traffic reports ? I would be happy for a clarification.
Thank you in advance.

“Pausing Cloudflare” essentially unproxies all records without actually changing their settings. Everything in your account will be unchanged, including the records’ proxy status, however ever record will resolve to its actual address and not the proxy addresses (even if :orange:). Because no request will go via the proxies, none of the other settings will apply either.

It’s a quick way to switch Cloudflare to DNS-only.

So the security rules are now disabled ?

Depends on how you define “disabled”. They are still active and working, but won’t fire as no request will go via the proxies at this point.

So it is as if cloudflare is disabled, but it didn’t, but it doesn’t affect anything. All I want to know is if now I will test the files cloudflare will affect them or not.


But yes, it is exactly as I described in my original response.

OK, I just didn’t really understood what you meant by the proxies. Thanks.

Please check out support.cloudflare.com as that explains the basic concepts of Cloudflare which include the proxies.