What does it mean for a ticket to have activity?

I have two tickets opened (soon to be 3!). I noticed that the last activity gets frequently updated but there are no responses from support, does it mean that somebody is looking into it or it might be just me re-visiting the tickets that cause the last activity to be updated?

Also, does having two tickets open delay the responses? The ticket that I made 3 days ago pointed out an issue that seems to be fixed by now, on my last response I only ask if they can confirm whether if there was something wrong with our setup or it was a small Cloudflare shortage.

As far as I’ve noticed,

Activity is when a ticket gets assigned into a queue, responded and I think even gets triggered with internal comments on the ticket :slight_smile:

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If they are about different things, I don’t believe so. It will slow it down if there is more than one ticket about the same issue.

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Yes, it does. It consumes support cycles and resets queue position.

Moreover, most of the questions asked here received rapid replies. Better yet, the vast majority of questions that visitors to this site have are resolved using CommunityTip or CommunityTutorial without having to post.

For the questions that are posted here and are not resolved, the troubleshooting steps and discussion that takes place on the forum helps the Engineers to more rapidly resolve the issue if it needs to be escalated to their attention.

I will close one of them in that case.
I understand that asking here or checking the community tips is faster, however, the problems that I’m facing have not been yet documented, I can’t find any resource speaking about the issue that I describe.

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