What does DNS have to with domain registration, really?

This is some real “Cart before the horse” thinking.

Cloudflare keeps saying they cant transfer a domain that is already directed to cloudflare. They say it as if it’s not a thing they are doing on purpose but rather a strict law. I’m going to have to open a godaddy account for one domain because a web developer somewhere is too stupid to set the DNS up, and cloudflare is too stupid to register a domain.

What is that domain name?

Are you trying to

Or are you trying to


Which is the case?


:question: I see one website pending a nameserver change. Is that what’s stumping your web developer? They need to contact the domain registrar to change the nameserver, beyond that, we’ll scan for the DNS records that already exist and import them, no setup is necessary.

:thinking:, that part.

Actually, we do that as a no markup service several hundred times a day.

While you are correct that DNS generally is a distinct function that is separate from domain registration, Cloudflare registrar is an at-cost benefit offered exclusively for domains that use Cloudflare nameservers. This requires Cloudflare nameservers to be in use by any domain prior to it being transferred to Cloudflare registrar. For new domain registration, the Cloudflare nameservers are assigned automatically during the registration process.

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