What does 100 free custom hostnames means?

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What exactly does Cloudflare mean?

100 free custom hostnames

What is the definition of a custom hostname? I believe it is For example, if I have the domain name example.com, I may construct a custom hostname like ns1.example.com

It would have been wonderful if Cloudflare had provided a little more information about what it is, because I’m not sure I understand, so I’m asking here to make sure I’m on the right track.


any one, any idea?

Custom hostnames is unrelated to managing your own domain’s DNS - the intention is for SaaS platforms where you can let a customer setup app.customer.com to point to your infrastructure.



thanks @KianNH

so using this technic i can basically create custom nameservers and point it to a server where i host websites or to the Cloudflare pages server etc. correct?

or custom hostname is a fancy word for subdomain?


I’m not entirely sure I follow - this isn’t related to your domain’s own records.

Custom hostnames is exclusively for having other domains (that you don’t control, such as your clients) being able to point a record at an origin of yours & provision a SSL certificate.

SSL for SaaS allows you to extend the security and performance benefits of Cloudflare’s network to your customers via their own custom or vanity domains.

For example, a customer may want to use their vanity domain app.customer.com to point to an application hosted on your Cloudflare zone service.saas.com .

Unless you’re running a SaaS application, it’s unlikely to be something you use.

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thanks @KianNH

i think i got it now, for example i provide apointment booking app so instead of my current setup

client domain: client1domain.com

my domain: example.com

client apointment booking page: client1domain.example.com

i can use the Cloudflare to setup differently like this:

client domain: client1domain.com

my domain: example.com

client apointment booking page: book.client1domain.com

is this correct?


With custom hostnames, yes.

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do i need to have customers domains hosted on Cloudflare also or they can be anywhere thanks

There is no restriction or requirement placed on your customers. They just point to a CNAME you provide them.


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