What do you think about the high costs of Minecraft Spectrum?

May i ask why your Cloudflare minecraft spectrum is this ridiculously expensive?

25000 euro per month for 50 to 100 players server!, we tried for 4 days, 2000 euro cost, Cloudflare wants to hold me on 1000 euro payment for these 4 days usage.

I will come with a full statement and release of many servers and the calculations involved of how much they would have to pay for this Cloudflare minecraft spectrum service.

For us it would come down to 200000 to 300000 euro a year, which is ridiculous! Nobody will use this service with these kind of rates, you are asking only millionaires to join this minecraft spectrum service.

As there is also no difference in calculation in costs if you have the 20 euro package, the 200 euro package or the 5000 euro membership package. 1 euro per GB hardcap I think Cloudflare does not understand the minecraft community at all, or did they only release a service for hypixel?

In that case this blog post with advertising about the faster connectivity and protection is flawed as anyone who will try this will run up to high costs associated for the data traffic involved.

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Our little minecraft sever has a data usage of roughly 500GB per day, comes to 2TB for the 4 days used when i found out the graphic of data usage further away on the profile.*note that data traffic is free on dedicated servers, and that we come from a free plan on cloudflare (10 years)

Effectively making my costs 2000 euro for 4 days of usage, they offered 50 percent discount on the costs cloudflare but i am not grasping this service as viable.

The head department and or the support i have spoken with responds with the eventual following: We appreciate your input offer that has been given stand and will not be altered.

I basically have to take the 50% discount and just accept that this 1 euro per GB pricing is normal.

This means that the head department of cloudflare is okay with charging small minecraft servers a theoretical 300.000 euros a year for some connectivity increase and or protection.

I hereby simply advice any minecraft server to not use cloudflare minecraft spectrum until they have made said changes to their offering regarding the different packages. Regardless if you would upgrade to a 5000 euro package the data traffic is still listed as 1 euro per GB.

If cloudflare is not willing to adjust the service to actual be beneficial to a minecraft server by reducing the costs involved it is by definition a flawed service. As you would have to be a millionaire to be able to pay for this minecraft service.

Cap on active connections is obviously not for the minecraft service as it says for the pro package 10 connections and max even a 100 on what they are offering. Obviously this is not related to the joining minecraft players.

By all if you look at their offering here:

You can see data caps, of which the pro and business package is limited to 10GB cap? well obviously i used 2TB in 4 days and was not capped, nor was i capped on the active connections.

I have a strong feeling that is in a different context for rdp/ssh and not for minecraft. Minecraft proxying is obviously specific business for minecraft servers and can’t use hard cap on connections or gigabite usages.

If that is the plan of actually capping connections and or gigabites then both pro and business plans are already not usable just for this matter and only on enterprise 5000+ package you can go over cap is what you get from a basic read over on the bottom.

Furthermore excessive data usage is just not capped, nor are the active connections for minecraft but it is 1 euro per GB for exceeding 5gb or 10gb respectively. And then it starts counting up quickly.

Just taking in consideration most minecraft servers don’t have a thousand to spend for their server, we don’t for sure so that renders this minecraft service basically not usable for any minecraft server that’s the point being here.

I would like to see it become accessible for minecraft servers but definitely not at this kind of charge.


My only tip in general if cloudflare wants to be taken seriously with this minecraft service that is if they layer it in different packages with a better calculation for if you have these different packages.

Then layer different sizes of minecraft servers into different pools of protection/speed increase, because a server like ours does not have to be on the same network level of protection as hypixel does, however would want to benefit from a faster connection or the protection.

Fair use policies for data traffic used (many more GB/TB free), and for the ones that really need their protection to be as high as possible you pool them into your special enterprise package and have no other minecraft connections shared, your private protected line.

But for normal minecraft servers, this can not be advice-able at this current offering, it is a bad offer.

If i can only purchase the speed increase, joinspeed incrase and let me do my own firewall rules on the eventual end server this cloudflare minecraft spectrum could be a really intersting product at the right price.

But if all traffic has to also be protected at this 1 euro per GB price, it renders the service useless as minecraft servers do not have the revenue to pay you 25.000 euro a month. It is as simple as that, that with the current pricing it is only for the top 3 minecraft servers and then still they can question themselves if they can not get it cheaper.

Because i am expecting them to have to pay millions with this charge rate.

I completely agree! Cloudflare should, in no way, expect any minecraft server of small to medium size to be able to afford this service. They need to drastically decrease their pricing if they wish to target these markets. I know for a fact that if this was its own paid plan instead of being built into spectrum with pro and business plans many servers would purchase this (assuming the prices are decreased to a few cents or less per gb). The current price is outrageous and unjustifiable for 94% of minecraft servers. Cloudflare should either decrease and relabel this or remove the “minecraft” advertising from spectrum.

This product is definitely not targeted towards hobby/small/medium minecraft servers, and yes it’s expensive.

If you want DDOS protection for your Minecraft server, your best option is to just host it on OVH