What CPU limitations regarding requests processing Cloudflare CDN has?

Hello everyone.

I’m testing my site performance with load testing. I run a test scenario that imitates hundreds of customers’ browsers and fetches a list of Javascript and CSS files. There is a big javascript file in the list of about 2 MB. I have Cloudflare CDN compressing enabled, so CDN returns this file approximately 987 KB. From load test reports I see that the throughput is ok when the big file is excluded and the test finishes in 1 minute. If it is included in the list, the test runner tries to download it a hundred times throughput drops dramatically and the test finishes in 20 minutes.

From my point of view, the root cause is CPU throttling on Cloudflare’s side because CDN tries to compress the file hundreds of times, but I need to prove it.

As Cloudflare Docs says - Cloudflare does not enforce response limits https://developers.cloudflare.com/workers/platform/limits/#response-limits. Some limitations are described in Default Cache Behavior https://developers.cloudflare.com/cache/about/default-cache-behavior#h_51422705-42d0-450d-8eb1-5321dcadb5bc, but no information about CPU.

What CPU limitations regarding requests processing Cloudflare CDN has?
Is there a possibility of upgrading my plan to remove the CPU limitations?



I’m confused. The CDN isn’t doing any compression on the fly, it just serves the file as it got the file from the origin.

It does.

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