What counts towards the 100,000 requests/day Workers limit?

My cloudflare Worker exceeded the free plan limit yesterday after I deployed a new worker. Usually it falls well below the limit.

So that got me thinking. I used to think that the 100,000 requests/per day limit only applied to incoming requests, not outgoing subrequests. But now that I think about it, I can’t find any documentation on that.

What exactly counts towards towards the 100,000/per day limit? Do outgoing fetch() and CACHE API requests count towards the limit? What about individual KV NAMESPACE.get, delete, list, and put operations? Do they count towards the 100,000/day limit? Do individual KV operations count towards the 50/request subrequest limit?

Also, is the 100,000 request/day limit per domain or is it per account?

Per account.

Also do take note that free plan also has a limitation of 1000 requests per min.

the 100k limit is the amount of requests that can hit your worker. So, me going to example.com/worker is one request, refreshing or going to it again is another request, etc.

Cache API and KV do not count towards that, they have their own limits as described here: Limits · Cloudflare Workers docs

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I don’t think the site is exceeding the 1000 requests per minute. According to analytics it is only geting around 60-70,000 requests per day and I haven’t seen it go over that. That only averages to 49 requests per minute. But the other day I deployed changes to the worker so that it uses more subrequests and now it’s showing tons of worker errors but the number of requests has not increased. Only the subrequests has exceeded the 100,000. Unless I’m mistaken, the only thing that can explain that is if subrequests such as key and cache operations count towards that total.

I just adjusted my worker to make fewer KV get() operations to see if that fixes the issue. I think that by exceeding its own 100,000 request/day free plan limit it was causing the worker to fail. I will report back with the results in a day or two. Thanks for your attention on this matter.

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The reason my worker was failing wasn’t because of any limit issue after all. It was because of a javascript error that didn’t show up in the Quick Editor due to the editor not supporting cache operations, only when live. And since I had set it up to “fail open” it was slipping through the cracks undetected.