What counts as a billable "read" operation in Workers KV?

I’m trying to understand the pricing model for Workers KV, specifically what counts as a “read”.

For example, imagine I have 100,000 KVPs.

If were to do a prefix list operation, would that count as 100,000 reads?

Or would I only be billed for the 10 or so prefix list matches that are returned?

Or do I only get billed if I specifically read the values of those 10 listed keys?

Would really appreciate if someone could help me out here! :slight_smile:

KV has separate list vs read request pricing. Pricing · Cloudflare Workers KV

You would be charged for 1 list request, keep in mind that KV only returns a maximum of 1000 keys per list request, and you have to use the cursor to loop through all keys.

Thanks, can’t believe I missed that obvious line in the documentation!

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