What count towards the Worker requests?


Just to clear some things up. I am an employee as you know and Matteo brought this to my attention. I asked for an account ID so I could look into it (this is why Matteo asked for that information), providing an account ID is incredibly helpful here.

Well, that’s the issue. This should work, if it isn’t we need to investigate why. The only way we can is with information. You see this so we would like to check your account.
If there is an issue, we need to find the source but we sadly can’t do that by blindly looking at random accounts. So we need some accounts which see issues to look at

You’re free to email me with your account ID and any other info you have ([email protected]) or send me the ticket ID so I can poke someone to take a look.


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Hi there,

I have setup a test account to see how things work on Cloudflare to make sure my issue isn’t relevant to the account. I don’t even have a worker in this account and only use Cloudflare pages, which build 19 times; however, the worker count is 34, which is nearly double.

Please check and provide an answer to why the worker count is not reliable.


Account ID


Actually it is, you have a Function on your Pages project. Functions (which are Workers) have a free quota (what you screenshot). Functions and Workers both share the same quota/billing

You can confirm this by checking the Functions metrics on your Pages project: https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/pages/view/:pages-project/analytics/production

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Hi @Walshy

I am still unable to understand the worker count. I check the functions which show 270 with 30 errors???

So still unsure how 19 page builds and 270 functions result in worker count of 34?


This isn’t relevant to Workers requests.

Because you’re looking at a graph showing a traffic spike between 18:00 and 20:00 on Sunday the 20th when the ‘total requests today’ counter is between 00:00 and 11:34 on Monday the 21st.


Thank @Walshy

I will check again tomorrow so according to this logic tomorrow i will see 270 worker requests, correct?

Where i can find more info on which function is triggered from where etc. As i only push a demo nextjs application an almost static page.

no. The big usage was from Sunday, tomorrow is Tuesday. It’ll show Tuesday’s usage just like it shows Monday’s usage right now

Go into your deployment and then the “Functions” tab has this info

ok will keep an eye on this maybe when you say today it is different timezone.

there is no such info here which show me which functions was used and how many times etc.


The quota is using UTC note, so today is meaning today UTC

It will tell you what paths fire Functions and you can also tail to see it being ran.
You’d need to do your own analytics to know which path (we don’t even know)

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Hi @Walshy

just to make sure i am on the right page you suggest me to look here: /pages/view/nextjs-webapp-Cloudflare/settings/functions

I only see 2 options here

  1. Compatibility date
  2. Compatibility flags

None of the above show any analytics or clue on what is being used?


The deployment → Functions - https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/pages/view/:pages-project/:pages-deployment/functions

Hi @Walshy

Just a feedback i hate the worker analytics. i now see 355 requests i shuld be able to click the number and see some log or history of the requests instead of going to functions and deploy as the numbers still doesnt make sense.

I cannot imagine how difficult it will be if yuo have millions of request to check and verify those numbers.


If you want more detailed logging, you can implement a custom logging within the worker and get the most detailed overview of those requests.
Install any SDK and log the requests on those workers, problem solved.

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Hi @jnperamo

DO you have an example on how to do this?