What Cloudflare features be used without enabling proxy (Orange Cloud)?

I use Cloudflare for buying domains, managing DNS and for many other features ( such as Bot Fight Mode, Rocket Loader, etc) as well.

However, I do not always enable proxy for A records and CNAME records that is there to connect with the website. Mostly because of conflicts with other tools, I keep them ‘DNS Only’

However, I am confused about what all features I am missing if I do not enable Proxy. I think primarily the CDN feature will be missed if I do not proxy but other security features, caching, rocket loader will still work even if I am not using Proxy. Am I right?

Kindly help me with this and please let me know what features will work even with DNS only mode and what features will work only if I enable Proxy ( Orange Cloud )

Thank you.

No, without the proxy you are only using Cloudflare DNS for those records. There will be no CDN, caching, etc.


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