What cf_ob_info and cf_use_ob cookies do?


Hello, i have 2 different Wordpress sites in the same domain (one in primary domain and another in a subdoman).

I noticed that in the first WP site that is placed in the root of the domain i see it’s only used the __cfduid cookie, in the WP site of the subdomain i see there are two other cookies: cf_ob_info and cf_use_ob.
What they are? They are strictly necessary?

Im writing privacy policy and cookies usage page so i would like to know more about these cookies.

Why they are used in the WP site of the subdomain and not in the other WP site of promary domain?

Thanks in advice.


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I’m looking for this same information. Any updates?


Sorry for not getting back to you sooner on this. Both of those cookies are related to the Always Online feature (“ob” = “offline browsing”). They are there to let the CDN know to continue serving “Always Online” until the cookie expires. Nothing really for you to do with it.