What causing image optimization to turned off?

We have a business plan domain, which we also enable image resize (example.com/cdn-cgi/image/width=200/…)
Recently we notice 2 times (few days between other), these link stop working.
Open the dashboard, we simply found that the button (in image bellow) simply disabled.
Checking the account audit logs, no one messing around with these setting also.
Any possible cause …idk… maybe some bad DNS configuration causing this feature to disable?

I can’t think of anything, and you’ve already looked in the usual places. Open a ticket and post the # here. support AT cloudflare DOT com

Hi, thanks for quick reply,
You mean post my support ticket id ( #2276079 ) here is this post? (sry don’t get used to use these community forum).

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Since you’re on a Business plan, you should have gotten an auto-reply with some instructions. Do you know if the ticket auto-closed?

I got a generic auto reply email:

Your request (#2276079) has been submitted and a Technical Support Engineer will be contacting you soon. Priority is given to Enterprise, Business and Pro customers, in that order.

Status still open (but when submit the request I cannot select the domain)

Ok, that ticket looks like something will happen with it, but I did add it to the escalation queue as well.


I just replied to your ticket and we can follow up there.

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Hi there- We did have an incident earlier this week that caused all our customers image resizing feature to be disabled, however a fix has been applied and it is resolved now.

I can confirm the subscription for Image resizing has not cancelled or changed. It is still very active in your account and everything is working normal.


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