What can my ISP know about a website hosted at my house?

I am hosting a public website, say example.com, at my house using my home Internet (fyi, the contract allows it). My Internet plan also comes with a static IP. I use Cloudflare to hide the server’s real IP address. The site example.com is fully using HTTPS.

My questions are:

  1. Can my ISP know that I’m hosting example.com at my house?
  2. What can of information can my ISP know about the incoming traffic to example.com? For example, when someone visits https://example.com/some-page, can the ISP know the full URL (and even data) or they will only know the domain, or they won’t know anything at all?
  3. If my ISP knows, is there anyway to hide it?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Your ISP will easily know that you’re hosting something because they can see client connections to the HTTP ports on your IP. They could know you’re hosting example.com if they want to know, by sniffing the SNI part of the connection handshake.

They cannot see the full URL, nor the data going in either direction, assuming the connection is encrypted (using HTTPS). However, if someone goes to http://example.com/some-page (regular HTTP, not encrypted) and you redirect them to HTTPS, then the initial request has exposed the full URL.


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