What Backblaze B2 data can be cached / passed through Cloudflare via the Bandwidth Alliance partnership?

Backblaze’s B2’s object storage is, of course, non-HTML content. What data types am I allowed to pass through and cache from a Backblaze B2 bucket via the CloudFlare Bandwidth Alliance partnership without violating CloudFlare’s policies? I’ve never seen a use case where Backblaze B2 is being used to strictly pull HTML content…

I suspect the most common case would be uploading static resources that are part of live HTML (images, JS, CSS, etc). These can be cached by Cloudflare for use within your own site.


@flareup Normally DNS records not containing any of the record content here - Identifying subdomains compatible with Cloudflare’s proxy can be proxied through Cloudflare otherwise we expect that these records be grey-clouded.

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Thanks for your reply. I had a look at your link and my Backblaze content does not seem to fall under any of those record content types. However, to clarify, if I have audio files in my Backblaze B2 to be served over HTTP, I cannot utilize the benefits of the Cloudflare + Bandwidth Alliance partnership? If so, are there any paid Cloudflare solutions that would allow this?

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