What are the SMTP settings for email through Cloudflare?

I am trying to figure out what the settings for setting SMTP out of my WordPress site should be. I’ve tried putting in mail dot mydomain dot com in, but it wouldn’t authenticate. I’m realizing since Cloudflare is handling the email account, where do I find the email login credentials for the account as well? I decided to setup through Cloudflare to handle my couple of email accounts because my host was having issues creating a forwarding account to Gmail. Or am I trying to bark up the wrong tree on this?

Cloudflare doesn’t provide outbound email services. It only handles email forwarding. You’ll need to use your email hosting provider’s SMTP settings to send emails from your WordPress site. Check your email provider’s documentation for the correct SMTP settings and authentication credentials.

So would I just need add an MX entry for that? Or just change it so the entry is DNS only and not proxied?

You can use Cloudflare Email Routing to receive emails. This requires that your domain has MX records pointing to Cloudflare’s email servers, which it should already have if you set up Email Routing.

To send email from your domain you will need an SMTP provider. It is possible this is already part of your web hosting plan. Cloudflare does not handle outbound emails.


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