What are the Option I do have?

Hello All,

My website domain is from Godaddy and I am looking to host of Kinsta.com. I added all possible records however it’s not showing because of Cloudflare account. Now I don’t have access to Cloudflare because developer who worked with me in past created and A- AAAA- Cname records.

How can I get access to that account or atleast delete the A- AAAA- Cname records so I can go live with Kinsta hosting. Any suggestions??

I’m not clear on the issue. Where did you add those records?

If you don’t have access to the Cloudflare account, and can’t get access, you’ll have to move your DNS elsewhere. Either to a new account at Cloudflare, or your registrar’s DNS. In either case, you’ll have to change name servers where your domain is registered.

Hello sdayman,

I added DNS on godaddy as per Kinsta executive guided. My basic understanding is Kinsta providing me hosting and domain is from godaddy. So I added things as per Kinsta suggested.

I don’t how website become live because without having records on CloudFlare account it’s seems impossible. Is there any way I can remove cloudflare aa-cname records?

What’s the domain?

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