What are the NS for Bulk Redirect to Work?

Hello, I m looking to bulk redirect domains registered at other registrar to one single website, but it seems that they not work, it show in browser DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE when I visit one domain for testing purposes.
What are the NS for this to work or the domains must be registered at Cloudflare?
Maybe there is needed time until the NS I added will propagate globally?
Thank you for any help.

The two nameservers assigned to the domain in your dashboard are must be entered at your domain registrar. No other servers can be active at the registrar or the domain will not activate in your Cloudflare account.

Once the domain is active in your Cloudflare account, you will need to create DNS records that are set to :orange: so that your Bulk Redirects can go to work.

I m more confused now, I m looking for a easy way to redirect non developed domains to one single developed website, you say to add NS to the domain assigned in my dashboard.
Do you mean that the Target developed website must be added to Cloudflare dashboard?
I was thinking to add the developed website and create custom NS of that website, then add the custom NS to the source domains on other registrar, but I m not sure if Cloudflare allows to create custom NS if the domain in not registered with them, because I try to do this with my Hosting company and they told that I can’t create custom NS because the domain is with other registrar.
Thank you for your time and help.

You can use Cloudflare to redirect a domain to another domain. The domain does not need to use Cloudflare as the domain registrar, but the domain will need to be added to your Cloudflare account.

I don’t know what you mean by “custom NS” as that was not part of your original question, nor was it part of my answer. Let’s get your first question about redirection sorted and then you can start a new topic about “custom NS”.

If you share the name of a domain that is giving you the DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE error, we can offer more specific guidance.

I know how to add websites to Cloudflare and manage further, this is also related to single redirect.
But i need to achieve bulk redirects somehow, after reading bulk redirect documentation, I created a list of bulk redirect, then I added a couple of domains to that list as source and target, the target is the same website only the source domains are different, then I went to my registrar and added the Cloudflare NS which I used also for some websites to proxy through CF dashboard, I also use Free account, I not plan to upgrade.
If the bulk redirect requires one to add each source domain to CF dashboard and attach to each a free plan then this is a waste of my time, for me is easier to move the target domain to my hosting company and create there child NS aka custom NS of my own website, then add that custom NS to all my source domains which as a result will redirect them automatically to my developed website.
I apologize for confusing you with custom NS but I look to redirect allot of domains to one single developed website in a easy way, the CF bulk beta tool looked interesting I have think it will be enough to do what I did already.
Or maybe i understand the documentation wrong because EN is not my native.
Thank you.
P.s. i would gladly share the domains but they are confidencial.
Edit: tested other browser which have newer version it show other error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED when i visit one of the redirect domain from the bulk list.

The following is true.

The domain must be active in the Cloudflare account with the Bulk Redirects and the hostname must be set to :orange: proxied in order for the Bulk Redirects to work.

The process might be made easier in the long term with the use of the Cloudflare API. It would require more work upfront to set up, but would reduce the ongoing workload. Only you will can decide the amount of effort that brings you value.


Thank you very much for all the help and time provided, I will go now and see how to implement this to work, have agreat week-end!

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