What are the measures Cloudflare is taking to stop

Over the past few months a number of spam and scrupulous crypto currency exchange sites have surfaced. All of them front their web service with Cloudflare so there isnt a “first level” of suspicion that could arise. I can make at least 4 sites that have stolen money from many victims over the past 6 months.

The sites are :

I would like to know what due diligence and/or KYC cloudflare is undertaking to prevent spammers from using the service. OR, are you so business oriented that anyone can front with your product and do whatever spam and scam operations behind the hood.

Please take action ASAP before more people get hurt.


Please don’t share sites that you claim are malicious. The link @cscharff shared has the details you’ll need to report the sites.


CF should never interfere with anything.
CF is far too big to be considered ‘private’ by any means. It has to be neutral, it’s a near-monopoly.

That’s not how you prevent or stop abuse anyway. This has been proven over and over. Arbitrary interference might make you feel better, but it accomplishes nothing.

By the time you managed to get just one taken down, a hundred new ones have already popped up.
No matter what useless and privacy invading KYC terror you come up with. The real abusers just pay some poor guy to sign up for them. Easy.

Same thing even with child abuse - they move on in 5 minutes and continue… You have to kill the source of the issue.
For something silly like the crypto scams, that’s trivial:

Teach people about the scams!

When they know how evil and full of fraud the internet is, they’ll recognize 1000s of scam patterns on their own. And let’s be real, most of these are so obvious and so stupid, it doesn’t take a lot of effort.

You are speaking as itself everyone in this world is knowledgeable about internet & its issues & scams. Then, per your justification, anti phishing, anti fraud, anti spoofing, anti this or that services like CF shouldnt need to exist, right? This is not a trivial task as easy you may make it sound, and the effort to stop them is collective, including the service providers.

For now, i will report to the link provided. And for the record, i am not looking for preventive action against a handful. They will anyways go down in matter of days after the damage has been done. Reporting is one thing and preventing is another. CF i am sure, is 100% aware of the useage of their services by these parties.