What are the major benefits of Coudflare Images over images.weserv.nl?

I’ve just signed up to Cloudflare Images but I’m struggling to see what the benefits of it are that are worth paying for over this apparently free alternative?

Images.weserv.nl offers on-the-fly image resizing, also served by Cloudflare infrastructure and it’s free for an unlimited number of images and no delivery fees.

Any insights would be much appreciated.

First, since they seem to be based on Cloudflare, you are one hop away from the source. It in general is clever to place yourself as close to the source as possible, to not have any other services or whatsoever between you.

Second, the free alternative does not state, with which service from Cloudflare it does server content. Also using a free service means you will 100% not get any support. Not comparable to what you get here, even for free! You can always choose between “paying and receiving a good service & support” and “not paying but later paying with your time” I can accept both, since it depends on your financial situation and how much you value your own time. If they serve images with Cloudflare “Infrastructure” this just means, they use Cloudflare aswell, but maybe they are not using “Cloudflare Images”. Therefore they in the end maybe are not even comparable.

Beside these two points I never heard, nor tested this alternative and therefore can’t compare it in anyway to Cloudflares dedicated Image service.


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