What are the exact page rules I need to forward www.mydomain.com to mydomain.com?

i tried a bunch of different rules and nothing seems to be working.

I have A records for domain and www subdomain.

I have the following page rule which isn’t working.

forwarding rule - 301 permanent redirect

Can you post a screenshot? The rule you mentioned should actually work. Your DNS records are set to :orange:, arent they?

No, I’m using the Grey cloud they are pointing to an AWS server.

That explains it. They need to be :orange:

ok, next question.

Am i doing it right so mydomain.com is the main domain.

It doesn’t matter much, the best thing is to have only a single version, all others redirect to it with a 301. This with www (and/or variations) and HTTP/HTTPS (latter preferred over there former).

I’m trying to get a single version. That’s what this whole inquiry has been about.

Saying it doesn’t matter much and then going off on other topics is not an answer to the question.

Then I don’t get the question you posed here.

Care to explain more? The original question was answered and solved. This to me means: “Is doing this the correct thing so mydomain.com is the main domain, intended as website (I suppose since I can’t find any other meaning)?”

there are 2 options.


I was asking a clarification on the answer above.

When I implemented the solution - it started to resolve back to the www version but I’m not sure if that is correct. Then I switched it and my url started acting up in my browser. So I wasn’t sure if it should be resolving to the www or sans www and wanted to make sure.

You need to have both in the DNS dashboard, both with :orange:.

Unfortunately there is no way to check if the configuration is correct without knowing the exact domain name or at least a more specific description of what “acting up” means. With the rule above it should redirect everything to www.example.com, possibly excluding http://www.example.com if there isn’t a redirect for HTTP -> HTTPS (like the switch in the SSL/TLS settings).

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