What are the cons of making mp4 url for every stream video?

Hey, sometimes my users would like to download videos and I don’t want to make them wait while the mp4 URL is processed, what are the downsides of generating downloadable files for all uploaded videos once they are uploaded?

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No downsides — you will not be charged any extra for generating or storing MP4 downloads, because Stream is priced based on minutes of video stored, and minutes of video delivered. We don’t charge extra per format or resolution.

Can you share a bit more about how you use Stream today — why do your users need to download video files?

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Does generated link have a lifetime?

Hey, our use case is that users pre-record videos and share them with others (maybe not the best leverage of streams), and we play it on the client-side via HLS streams, but some users would like to share the video file to other social media as MP4 and making them wait for 30-45 seconds is a bit of bummer right now.

So I was thinking about making it downloadable by default

Makes sense! Would encourage you to make them downloadable by default. Let us know if you have feedback on how we could make doing so easier on your end.

I would say that on one of the sides

  1. Creating a direct upload link
  2. Uploading the file itself

We could specify a flag if it’s stream/pre-recorded video or just path something that would start creating the MP4 processing immediately after the upload

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