What are the cloudflare Speed and Caching settings is used in https://community.cloudflare.com

https://community.cloudflare.com” this site is using discourse and I interested to know that what the Cloudflare settings of Speed and Caching they are using in their discouse forum?

The speed settings are effectively unchanged from the default.


Brotli is enabled -


And I believe HTTP 2 is enabled.

As for Caching, this forum actually doesn’t have the majority of its traffic go through Cloudflare. CF contracts with the discourse.org nonprofit that offers managed Discourse and so the majority of assets don’t actually go through Cloudflare, they instead go through whatever the Discourse staff have set up.

The only things that actually go through Cloudflare are the initial response, the PWA/SW manifest, the polling message bus, and any API calls. The actual assets look to be served via keycdn right now.

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