What are the Cloudflare Pages file limits in paid plans?

Pages documentation list 20,000 file count and 25M size limits for the free plan:

Below, we’ve listed the limits for users using the Cloudflare Pages free plan. For more details on removing these limits, check out our Cloudflare plans page.

However, I do not see any mention of the file count and file size maximums on any other plan.

Does that mean

  1. There are no maximums for file count and file size for all of the paid plans, or
  2. No plans offer higher limits on file count and file size?

If these limits exist also in the paid plans, what suggestions can you offer to be able to serve a larger files or a greater number of files than is allowed by these limits?

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So far is “list 20,000 file count and 25M size limit” per project.
Paid plans are not active for now.

You could also submit your feedback via Discord Server

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Thanks for your response, @adaptive.

I’m not sure what you mean by active when you say, “Paid plans are not active for now.”

From the product page, it appears that it’s possible to buy a paid plan now. Were you just saying that the paid plans have the same maximum file size and file count limits as the unpaid plan?

Pages are available for free, the subscription option is not available yet, although it shows on the product page.
So far, there’s no indication for higher file size and file count.

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I’m signed up for the Pro plan, so I’m still not sure what you mean by “the subscription option is not available yet”.

Anyway, I’m looking for an authoritative, definitive answer to the limit question from a Cloudflare employee, preferably, or a customer who’s either received an official answer or hit the limits directly. Thanks.

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This is the answer. Paid plans for Pages currently don’t exist.

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On the one hand, the Cloudflare Pages landing page shows paid plans, the documentation I quoted in my original post references paid plans, and I have paid for something that I thought was a Pages Pro plan.

On the other hand, two MVPs are telling me that Paid plans for Pages don’t exist.

I’m guessing I’m the one who’s confused, but I’d still like more of an explanation…

At the very least, the landing page is unclear, and I need to know what I signed-up for if not a Pages Pro account.

I’d also like to know what the max file size and max file counts are (or will be) for the paid plans. If they will be the same as the free plan, then I’d like to know if there are any workarounds. (C.f. Netlify, which I am also beginning to review for this upcoming project, does not appear to have any predetermined limit for max file size or maximum number of files.)

If it matters, for my use case in its current design, no build is necessary – just need to be able to deploy the dist (public) directory tree straight-up, as-is.

You signed up for, most likely, a Pro account for the zone, which has nothing to do with Pages. Pages, like Workers, are per account.

Paid plans are planned, but don’t exist yet and limits, excluding the sizing limitations, which might be due to the infrastructure, aren’t enforced.

I don’t expect them to change, I haven’t had any indication of that from my conversations with the Pages team. The single file limitation is due to the KV backend used by Pages. The 20k total file limit might be similar due to index file sizing or something.

You could split the project in sections, but it might be more convoluted than it’s worth it and they would need to be different repos at the current time as multiple projects from a single repo aren’t supported.

That unfortunately doesn’t change anything, it might even be worse as Pages expects a build, although I saw people succeeded at doing only that.

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How about now? I don’t see file count limit on kv, but pages advertising still mentions it. Could you just deploy the static site to kv and workers directly. The pages product is for integrating image processing and storage solutions right?

20,000 is still the file limit for Pages.

Assuming you’re using wrangler to upload your files, the 1,000 limit was removed a long time ago in 2.0.7.

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