What are the Cloudflare DNS IPs

I should enter kaiser.ns.cloudflare.com & mina.ns.cloudflare.com but hosting requires IP. How do I solve?

If it’s asking for the IP of the nameserver then that’s generally not used and is pretty pointless. However, if it’s mandatory, then you can lookup the IPs yourself.

If it’s your server IP you’re after then you need to get this from your host.

I had followed this guide and added the dns that says http://digwebinterface.com/. But my hosting made me remove them because they would stop providing many services. I don’t know what to do… In the meantime, I’m linking the guide and this post to hosting.

Please explain what exactly the problem is and what you’re trying to achieve here. Without that it’s purely guesswork.

No assumptions, but realities. I’ve already followed the guide, but the hosting didn’t like it. I don’t understand why they ask for Cloudflare’s DNS IP nor why they have been insisting for 3 weeks on having the DNS removed.

I followed the guide 3 times. I just asked if the hosting has DNS, but they don’t have it. So, Cloudflare I need…

What is the domain?


The nameservers are:


As the domain doesn’t point to Cloudflare then any problem you are having with the website is unrelated. Are you having problems trying to change the nameservers to Cloudflsre and having issues?

As I said before, it’s the hosting that tells me not to aim for Cloudflare. Then it tells me if I want to point to Cloudflare I have to contact you to know the DNS.

It’s been at least 3 days and Cloudflare is still validating the nameserver. Isn’t it enough just to put IPs on Cloudflare of nameservers?

You can only use Cloudflare without changing the nameservers with a CNAME setup on the Business or Enterprise plan.

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You have not replaced your existing nameservers with your Cloudflare nameservers. Until you do that, the domain will remain unvalidated. You make this change by updating your domain registration details.

Domain Name: GIOCONE.COM
Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.register.it
Registrar URL: http://www.register.it
Name Server: NS1.REGISTER.IT
Name Server: NS2.REGISTER.IT

Now it’s ok?

No. It is unchanged.

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