What are the caching options?

What does the caching options mean?
I am currently on standard. Also, the documentation says, it also caches query strings too.

I would like minimum caching from Cloudflare for my website.
Is no query string a proper way to do that? I don’t want Cloudflare to cache links with query strings as well.

Also,will removing query strings affect Google Adsense revenue? Because adsense ads and links have may query strings.

Turn it off, specially if your have many plug-ins modules.

Sure. So should I choose the option of No query string? Or do you mean I completely disable Cloudflare?

Either go with “No Query String” so it only caches the most basic files that don’t have query strings. I’d choose this one so simple stuff like images and simple .js files will be cached.

Or you can set a Page Rule to match: example.com/* (whatever your domain is) and Add a Setting for Cache Level that’s “Bypass Cache”

Great. Thanks for the reply.


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