What are the Cached Assets in Cloudflare and what they do

What are the Cached Assets in Cloudflare and for what purpose we use it

I might not be sure if the question is related to some resources related to Cloudflare features like scripts, etc., or due to some of the Cloudflare service? :thinking:

May I ask on which ones is your question associated with?

However, the cached copies of content are stored physically closer to users, optimized to be fast, and do not require recomputing. Cloudflare only caches resources within the Cloudflare data center that serve the request.

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thanks for your reply, I just read that term here. That’s why I asked. I am unable to understand it. I will be grateful if you could explain it to me in easy words.
Note as shown in below:

If you modify cached assets, the new asset is not displayed to repeat visitors before the Browser Cache TTL duration. [Purging Cloudflare’s cache]

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