What are the best practices for optimizing content delivery using Cloudflare's CDN? Any tips for improving website performance?


I’m interested in optimizing content delivery using Cloudflare’s CDN to boost my website’s performance. I would greatly appreciate your insights and best practices on this matter.

Specifically, I’d like to know:

  1. Cache Configuration: What are the recommended cache settings for static assets? How can I strike the right balance between caching and content updates?
  2. Image Optimization: Are there effective strategies for compressing and optimizing images to reduce load times while maintaining quality?
  3. Asset Minification: What tools or techniques should I use to minify CSS and JavaScript files for faster rendering?
  4. HTTP/2 Implementation: How can I enable and make the most of HTTP/2 support to speed up resource loading?

I’m eager to learn from your experiences and expertise in utilizing Cloudflare’s CDN for website performance optimization. Your tips will be incredibly valuable in achieving better content delivery and user experience.

Thank you in advance for your guidance.

Thank you

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community.

There’s a lot of documentation that I’ll share with you so you get all details and will help you to boost your website performance.

What are the recommended cache settings for static assets?
In general, there are ways to optimize Cloudflare caching by creating cache rules to customize the cache properties of specific HTTP requests. You can also enable the Tiered Cache feature, which dramatically increases cache hit ratios. For dynamic content requires a Cache Everything Page Rule. Without creating a Cache Everything Page Rule, dynamic assets are never cached.

For image optimization, you find some great features in your dashboard> Speed> Optimization> Image Optimization options. You’ll find Cloudflare Mirage and Polish. Both are great for what you are looking for.

You can enable asset minification in your Cloudflare dashboard, to enable Auto-Minify, go to your dashboard> speed> Optimization> Content Optimization, and select the file types to minify.

Cloudflare automatically enables HTTP/2 for all websites on their platform, so there’s usually no additional configuration needed but just in case, you can see if it’s enabled by going to Speed > Optimization > Protocols.

So make sure you have all these enabled to guarantee website performance and offer an awesome user experience :slight_smile:

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Every site is built different and the best optimisation would need prior knowledge of the site and visitor habit/demographic. So there isn’t really any one size fits all, but here’s something that may help you to learn what we have to offer and what best fits your site: