What are the benefits from changing my registrar from GoDaddy to CloudFlare? are there any?

I have a few domains that I have registered with Godaddy and then I run them to my a2hosting server but proxy through the Cloudflare free website plan.

I’m wondering if I should just change and transfer domains to Cloudflare if they offer any additional benefits if I do so.
Or is it just much of a muchness?

Any help and additional info would be much appreciated


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It’s probably much of a muchness. Cloudflare charge the wholesale price for domains, so there will usually be a small cost saving. They also enable DNSSEC without the hassle normally associated with third party registrars. However, there is limited support for some TLDs, especially ccTLDs. You also have to use Cloudflare nameservers, which does not suit everybody.

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