What are the 3 rules I can use for better speed/optimization?

Hello, I’m using Cloudflare free plan. What are the 3 rules I can use to speed up my website ?
Also the TTFB? Can anyone give me suggestions also configs I can use ?

Without knowing what kind of type is your Website, may I ask, do you want to “speed up” all the proxied :orange: records, including possible sub-domains if you have some, or only your domain.com and/or www.domain.com?

I ask because depending on what you want to achieve, you can save up Page Rules for some specific need, while keeping below options enabled for your domain at the “whole level” if you navigate to Speed tab → Optimization:

  • Auto Minify (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Rocket Loader
  • Brotli

Navigate to the Caching tab → Configuration:

  • Cache Level: Standard
  • Browser Cache TTL

Navigate to the Network tab:

  • make sure HTTP/2 is enabled (green)
  • HTTP/3 (Quic) is enabled
  • 0-RTT Connection Resumption is enabled

Nevertheless, again, not knowing some other information, depending on it, you could experiment a bit and create a Page Rule with Cache Level: Cache Everyrthing option for example to cache even the HTML webpages as well as for default “Standard” option the default cached file extensions are listed at the link below:

Browser Cache TTL and Edge Cache TTL options can be also set, more information how do they work and when to use find at the below link:

I would suggest using :search: icon to find some topics and tips about Website page load time and optimization:


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