What are some things I should be concerned about before beginning with CloudFlare?

Hi Everyone,

I would classify myself as a non-technical person. What are some tech. “beginner” concerns I should be concerned about before implementing my website with Cloudflare.com?

My current website has an SSL certificate, would that SSL “follow” (excuse my non-tech jargon) to my Cloudflare account or would I have to tap into CF SSL certificate or buy another SSL?

My current website is https://mydomain.com.

I read somewhere Cloudflare only supports SSL the full-length version of a domain? Meaning, my website would have to look like this https://**www.**mywebsite.com. Is that true or can my website hosted with Cloudflare look like this -->> https://mywebsite.com


Cloudflare is a Reverse proxy (a middleman). Visitors to your site first connect to Cloudflare, and then Cloudflare connects to your server to get your website.

Your SSL certificate on your server will let Cloudflare connect to your server securely. Cloudflare will provide a certificate so your visitors can connect to the Cloudflare proxy securely.

The Cloudflare certificate is good for example.com and anything.example.com


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