What are some .biz "Premium" but others aren't?

I moved one of my domains. sballc.biz over, registered it, and have no issues.

Then, I moved another over: bbos.biz. Then when I tried to register the domain, it’s telling me that it’s a “Premium” domain and will not allow it to be registered.

Now, that website is 100% offline and I have literally hundreds of furious clients wanting to log in to their accounts.

Support has been completely useless. They offer boiler-plated replies that have nothing to do with the questions I’m actually asking.

Can anyone here please help me figure out what to do next?

Cloudflare is an “at cost” domain registrar, so charges what they are charged for domain names by the registry with no markup. This means that premium domains (those that have renewal fees higher than the standard one for the TLD) can’t be supported yet.

You can still add those domains to Cloudflare to use Cloudflare DNS and other services, you just can’t register or transfer the registration of those domains to Cloudflare Registrar.

Also note, you have the domain added to Cloudflare already, but you’ve not set any DNS records which is why your site is down.


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