What are my DNS servers?

I am trying to activate Cloudflare in the domain hola.tv, however, I acquired the service through bluehost. I was not informed by Cloudflare’s DNS, to request the change to my domain registrar. What are the Cloudflare DNS to which I must link my domain? They do not appear in my Cloudflare account either.

Thanks for your help!

On your dashboard https://dash.cloudflare.com Once you select your site there is a DNS icon at the top which will show your DNS settings. At the bottom of the list should be your Cloudflare Nameservers

Your account is activated throguh BlueHost in what is known as a CNAME setup. Easier to set up initially, slightly more complicated to manage if your host doesn’t like being an active participant… Bluehost should/ have created a record for your www to point it to Cloudflare. If you’d prefer to manage your settings only through Cloudflare you can delete the domain and re-add it in which case you would get instructions on changing your nameservers, etc.

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