What are "good" argo stats?

I’m testing out argo on one of our domains but I’m not sure what’s considered “good”. If its not making significant changes, I don’t want to pay for the service (we are on a Pro account). Does anyone have an opinion on these stats?

Average Response Time with Argo: 536ms
Average Response Time without Argo: 660ms
Percent Improvement: 18.79%
Percent Smart Routed: 5.3%


With those numbers, I don’t think it’s worth it. Only 5% of your traffic is using Argo with just a 100ms improvement. And you’re paying $5/month for it.

I’d only think it’s worth it if you have a lot of visitors/customers geographically distant with better Argo performance numbers.

Thanks for your thoughts @sdayman. We are US based, but our primary users are overseas. We get about 1million visitors a month across all domains. This test domain gets about 150K/month. I’ve had argo on for about two weeks and the “Percent Smart Routed” fluxuates between 5-25%. I should have included all of that earlier, my apologies.

Would that change it for you? Am I perhaps misconfiguring something causing it to be low?

There’s really nothing else to configure. If there’s a faster internal route to that user, Cloudflare will use it. But keep in mind that Argo is for un-cached data. Speaking of which, Tiered Caching is handy, as it keeps the load off your server and may pull from a nearby cache, if available. This should show up in the Bandwidth Saved stat.

Still, your average response time has only improved by a tenth of a second.

If you really don’t mind the cost, by all means, leave it on to eek out a bit more performance.

And your servers are here in the US? I guess “overseas” can mean in both directions, so maybe US servers are best.

Okay thanks for your help sdayman!

I think your right - not worth it for us. And our two biggest “overseas” users reside in the phillipines and italy, so pretty spread out.

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