What are correct CF dns settings to Godaddy site and email?


Receiving problems with my domain which is hosted on Godaddy and email also.

Can anyone give me a general list of what Cloudflare dns settings should be when connected to Godaddy in the way of proxied or un-proxied please?

Many thanks

In general, you should be receiving email as long as you have your MX records properly set up (proxy doesn’t matter for MX records, they can’t be proxied anyway).

Are you getting a specific error on the domain?

Hi, thanks for replying.

Well first, I was connecting my godaddy website to Cloudflare. All okay.
The the ssl would not work from the Cloudflare dns, on the godaddy hosting. So I worked out that the CNAME www has to be proxied and the A record for the domain has to be un-proxied (DNS only). So then the ssl worked and went okay to the website at godaddy.
At least that worked for me.

I just wondered if there was a set template for Cloudflare and godaddy to make them talk to each other.

However, now I can send emails from my outlook client, but the mail is usually landing in the recievers spam box. So I’m putting that down to the fact I do not have a DKIM? If this is true, do you know how I can solve this or an easy-to-use url which will generate it, or help? Many thanks.

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