What are analytics requests

Hy , My analytics report in Cloudflare says i received 11,660 “Requests” in past 24 hrs . Also showing 70,000 for past month , Question is - What are Requests ? Are these page clicks ? Also, in my google analytics it only shows a couple of page visits at any given time . Is this because analytics are now in Cloudflare ?
I researched but can’t find any info on what requests are

Thanks for any help .

A request is any time a browser asks the server for a resource, file, or page. A single page load can reference 10 other files to download (such as Javascript and CSS files), and each of these files will count as separate requests.

Google analytics is a Javascript script that’s loaded on each page, and only tracks the user if they both a) have javascript enabled and b) don’t use an adblocker. This will only show as a single “click” or page load in Google Analytics, instead of the 10+ requests per page load that show in CF.

Cloudflare analytics are generally a more accurate, but less-detailed view of how many people visit your website. Google analytics are much more detailed, but the numbers can be inaccurate depending on how many of your visitors use tracking blockers.

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