What are all the disadvantages of a gray cloud, please?

Hello, I would like ask you when I will have CloudFlare Pro plan and A or AAAA DNS record will have gray cloud, will it be able to use any advantage of Cloudflare (e.g. HTTP/3 - QUICK protocol, ARGO Smart Routing, TCP acceleration, Cloudflare Rate Limiting, Page Rule, etc…), please? Or CloudFlare will be for that A or AAAA DNS record with “gray cloud” just like an ordinary DNS server, like from a domain registrar (without any advantage), please?

I ask because I have “Synology Surveillance Station” system on the farm which works on special ports = don’t work via “orange cloud”. Viewers use mobile app or web browser with that port. The same thing is Microsoft RDP for Windows 10 Pro remote desktop which need, of course, “gray cloud”.

Well, can “gray cloud” use any CloudFlare’s feature or is it just “ordinary DNS server”, please?

I thank you very much for your answer in advance.
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Jan Vokurka

A grey cloud means Cloudflare will resolve the hostname straight to your actual server and not to the proxies. Hence requests will hit your server directly and won’t go via the proxies.

None of the typical settings on Cloudflare will apply in that case but also none of the limitations (e.g. ports). And that is regardless of the plan you are on.

So yes, :grey: is an “ordinary DNS service” in this case :slight_smile:.

I thank you very much for your answer.

It’s a bit disappointing that even the ARGO smart routing can’t do it with a gray cloud. So for summary. The CloudFlare PRO plan is only for SSH shield (CloudFlare Spectrum) and web applications on the standard port 443, which can then use all the features of CloudFlare with an orange cloud. :thinking:

Cloudflare has options where you can route your own IP address through their systems and where you’ll also not be subject to a lot of the usual restrictions, but this comes with their paid services and in that case you best contact sales to discuss the options.

Out of the box you only have the choice between proxied or straight for the origin.

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