What API token permissions are required for `GET accounts/:identifier/alerting/v3/policies`

Hi, I cannot work out which API token permission is necessary for Notification Policies https://api.cloudflare.com/#notification-policies-list-notification-policies

I note that some endpoints in the documentation have the required token permissions stated next to them. e.g. permission needed: #organization:read for listing accounts https://api.cloudflare.com/#accounts-list-accounts

Unfortunately the Notification Policies doesn’t seem to have the same detail.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been able to reach the endpoint with a legacy API Key, but I’d ideally like to use an API token.

Account:Account Settings:Read

I have the same problem for HTTP POST /client/v4/accounts/<acc id>/alerting/v3/policies. Ended up using the API key.

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Account:Account Settings:Write worked for me