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my site is hosted over here at cloudflare, and i have been instructed to change the ip address over to a different ip. I am not sure how to do this in cloudflare. Can someone help me with this??? i am supposed to change the A record to this new ip address, but there are a lot of A records to choose from. Which one do i change??? This is from the hosting company giving me this new ip address…

thanks in advance

Hm, it is possible you have had an asterix * character, which therefore created all the “alphabet” hostnames (sub-domains)? If that is the case from what I am understanding.

Could you please re-check at your DNS tab for:

  • A www and
  • A yourdomain.com (your actual one)

Or maybe you have got A yourdomain.com and CNAME www or vice-versa.

For those DNS records you should change the “content value” to your new hosting/server IP address.

May I ask what is your domain name?

In case if needed, I am sharing useful articles which include step-by-step instructions:

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In the DNS it has the following:
CNAME www then the name of the site and says proxied auto

is this where i replace the name of the site with the new IP address given to me by the hosting company???

Also will this change all the other A records IP address to the one I enter above???


fritex Leader can you answer the above question please???


Of course, would be happy if I can assist. Wasn’t here, but I would make sure to reply as soon as I am available :wink:

Below are my answers and questions:

Okay, thank you for feedback information.

Can you check if there is also another one like A yourdomain.com?


Make sure to remove CNAME www record.
Therefore, add a new A www record with value of the IP address which was given to you from your new hosting provider.
After this, make sure you edit the existing DNS record A yourdomain.com and change the value of the old IP address to the new IP address provided by your new hosting company.

I am afraid not so.
You might need to edit all the needed DNS records, if so.

  • not sure how many of them are there actually, but …

Helpful articles as already mentioned from my previous post “Adding DNS Records” and “Editing DNS Records”.

To make it easier for us to determine what is needed to be done or what else possibly, please be free to share a screenshot (if you can) from your DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name.

Please, consider masking/hiding the IP address(es) if there are any to prevent it to be seen and known from public forums.

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thanks for the above information, i have not changed anything yet because you asked for a screenshot of the DNS page and i am providing. Question is if i perform the above as you mentioned, will all the other records reflect the new ip address that i am adding? you were not sure since you did not know what i had so here is what i have… thanks for your assistance
If you could tell me exactly which ones i need to edit to add the new ip address that i got from the hosting company, I sure would appreciate it, thanks

  1. Can you determine if the new hosting provider/company is using cPanel too, or rather some other interface to manage your website, files, database, emails, etc. (multiple services)?
    • 1.1. If yes, then you would have to change the IP address for all of the records where the “old” IP address is show
    • 1.2. If you have a TXT (or a CNAME) record for your SPF and DKIM values, you would also have to change the “content value” for them
    • 1.3. Possibly to change/add some others too, for example maybe card/cald(av/s) have different port, possibly SRV record is missing, etc.
    • 1.4. Your MX record for yourdomain.com should point to the mail.yourdomain.com, which should be :grey: (DNS-only), you might want to remove CNAME mail and CNAME www, therefore add A mail pointed to your new IP and :grey:, while A www pointed to your new IP and :orange:
  2. If you have the ability to export the DNS records from your new hosting provider company interface, you can easily import all of them here at your domain DNS in Cloudflare using “Advanced” button.

I believe you can double-check what and which DNS records do you exactly have at your new hosting provider interface.

You have to make sure that the DNS records from the interface of your new hosting company are the same and existing at the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard.

Now i am totally confused, I am sorry for being an idiot. I am not sure what to do here at all to add the new ip address from my hosting company. I am sorry. Maybe i should just delete the domain from cloudflare? that is about all i think i can do at this point. suggestions??
i gave you are screenshot of my dns panel from cloudflare, can you please just tell me what i need to do from there??? what do i need to change to the new ip address and what do i need to delete. If you could tell me that, I could get it done. Screenshot is posted above for your convenience.

Change all the DNS records at DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard where you see the old IP to the new IP and let it be for few minutes.
Therefore, check if the Website works or not so we could troubleshoot more.
We can revert it back by checking/viewing the Audit Log from the Cloudflare dashboard in case if needed.

so i understand, change the content to new ip address starting at:
a autoconfig all the way down to
change to new IP address???
Is this correct???
Check screenshot above…

I tried to change the IP to the new one and the site kicked out a 404 error, so i changed them back to what they were.

May I ask could you catch a screenshot of this error?
Was the 404 error comming from Cloudflare, or rather some “default error page” from the web app/new hosting?

not sure at the moment, I changed everything back so the site would be live again, sorry
I can do it again tomorrow and let you know.
Thanks for FU and i will let you know tomorrow.

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Make sure to remove CNAME www record.
Therefore, add a new A www record with value of the IP address which was given to you from your new hosting provider.
After this, make sure you edit the existing DNS record A yourdomain.com and change the value of the old IP address to the new IP address provided by your new hosting company.

I did the above and the site is still live… where should i go from here??? thanks again

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Great! Does it mean the website is working now? :slight_smile:
May I ask for a domain name so I could check for any errors, if so, and provide feedback information with screenshot of what do I see from my end, if possible to know?

Do you see the same “old” content, or you have some “new” content on your new hosting?

  • just to make sure there is a slight difference from which we could resonate it’s propagating and loading good content from new hosting / server …

Now we could, go with the SSL settings checkup, after that we should make sure your e-mail for your domain name is working.

I have not added any new content to the site, so hard to tell about propagation…

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It looks like it’s working. If you’re not quite sure this is from the new host, make a small editing change somewhere on the page and see if it shows up.

I added a post and it updated on the site. What about all the other IP addresses that are listed above in the screenshot, do i need to change them??? Thanks

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