What Am I Doing Wrong?

OK, I’ve exhausted all other efforts to find an answer.

We purchased a domain through Clickfunnels a few years ago. We now know it is the wrong way to go.

So this week I transferred that domain to DNSimple (where, to my understanding, Clickfunnels already housed the DNS before). The transfer SEEMS to have gone swimmingly.

Logging into our new DNSimple account, I delegated our nameservers to Cloudflare. Simple enough (or so it seems).

It appears Cloudflare has correctly imported all of the DNS records correctly.

We’ve re-added the domain into Clickfunnels (probably irrelevant to the problem we’re facing).
I also set up a new CNAME that points to SamCart.

So 48 hours later here’s where we’re at:

WhatsMyDNS and MXTools show red Xs everywhere.

YET the nameservers appear to be correct.


How is it that the entire world’s servers know about our new Cloudflare nameservers AND we can navigate to our properties just fine (almost; we do have a slight SSL issue in Clickfunnels).

BUT we’re still getting red Xs throughout the world?


And I’m guessing you can access the pages at both:

:white_check_mark: Clickfunnels:
https://andrewholmesevents.com (though not secure?) and

:white_check_mark: SamCart:

Here’s what we have going in Cloudflare:

and for page rules (the HTTPS rule was setup to try to get things working; I’m not sure I need it)


for SSL mode (which was default)


What am I overlooking?

The first thing I see is that domain has DNSSEC enabled. This needs to be turned off at the registrar whenever you change name servers.

Thank you, Sdayman.

I only set that up last night, thinking that NOT having it might be causing my issues.

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That was not a good choice by Cloudflare. That should be Full Strict. Of course your server needs to be secured as well, but I presume it is.

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