What additional web analytics do we get with a 'Pro' account?

Hi there,

We run Cloudfare on a free tier plan currently. The Web Analytics break down location over 30 days.

I’m happy to upgrade to Pro if we get more detailed analytics but I can’t find information on this anywhere. If someone could help to explain the additional functionality with the upgrade? We are looking for :

View data further back than 30 days
Separate total traffic between unique visitors and repeat

We don’t have Google Analytics installed, so we can’t leverage this for more detailed data so I’m hoping Cloudfare can provide this.

Thanks in advance

The edge analytics on the paid plans does let you go back further than 30 days, but does not (that I can see) allow you to view more than 30 days at one time.

It also doesn’t use cookies or user tracking at all, so it can’t tell repeat visitors from new ones.

Don’t upgrade to Pro just for the analytics. It’s nice but it’s not $20/month nice. If you want Pro for other reasons then great, it adds to the value for sure.

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