What about separate accessing domain?

Hello Everyone,
We have been moving domain names from NameCheap over to CloudFlare, but one of the most requested features from our IT staff is the ability to give someone access to a single domain, or multiple domains, so they can make DNS changes. We still need to maintain the domain name and DNS, but we had a few questions ask about making DNS changes themselves.

Is this possible? I’ve been able to get our employees access, which is great. But that’s all or nothing.
Thanks In advance
Regards: Saleena
Ref: http://dikshaappforpc.com/

Hi @saleenajohn49,

On Free, Pro and Business plans, you can only assign the administrator role to new account members. On Enterprise, you can assign specific roles to only allow editing of certain settings.

In both cases though, it gives access to the entire account and you can’t include/exclude certain zones at this time.

The only place you can do that is with scoped API tokens, instead of using the dashboard,


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