What about CRON and CLOUDFLARE?

Hello i have website on Cloudflare, for example https://www.forexsrovnavac.cz/en/cryptocurrencies

I need CRON for updates, but since I was at Cloudflare, CRON doesn’t run on my hosting

This is probably happening because of your cache settings.

If you have configured a more aggressive caching mode, the requests do not reach the server. And, as far as I know, it is necessary for the server to identify some periodic activity in function of executing cron jobs.

No this is not problem, still not running when i OFF cache with develpment mode

Take a look at this page from Troubleshooting section:

There are also some recent topics in the Community related to cron jobs and Cloudflare:

Or try searching for other topics in the Community:

Its solution to use Page Rules or not?


It’s hard to say without knowing exactly what your setup looks like.

If you have not gotten any clarification with the recommended readings, the ideal is to wait for some other community member to help you.

If no one shows up, then the only way would be the Support Center.

I have reply from my hosting provider on this cron “can not run - IP address of the executed script is not hosting IP address. The domain does not point to this web hosting. If DNS changed recently, you may have to wait until the changes are reflected in the Internet”

Well, if it’s a simple DNS propagation issue, soon everything will be working as it should. :slight_smile:

But its so sad, when i paying for pro account and others thinks, and this CRON dont working when i change DNS to Cloudflare, from 14.05 https://i.imgur.com/8j7i4id.png. I think Cloudflare must know about this problem

How long have you changed the nameservers?

9.5, so its about 7 days

DNS are good.

But my hosting just dont start CRON

you can see it here https://i.imgur.com/NFRSaue.png

You see old DATE

Do you think that is their mistake?? I can’t find any specific solution anywhere

Why do you send cron jobs over the internet? Can’t you run them directly on the server? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40187406/what-is-the-differance-between-curl-wget-and-php-cronjob

If you must for some reason do it over HTTP (ask your host or server admin), then you need to check your server access logs and your Cloudflare Firewall Events log to see what rule is blocking it.


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