What a Cloudflare can see with SSL?

I’m new to this, so

What can Cloudflare see with (Strict) SSL Mode?
Can they see the traffic? Is there a way for Cloudflare not to see the traffic? Can they see the password? It’s transferred through their servers and therefore the traffic could be captured?

I was going through this article https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170416-End-to-end-HTTPS-with-Cloudflare-Part-3-SSL-options

And even thought if you use Full SSL or Full Strict, they can see your traffic, or the path of websites you access or request.

Can someone explain to me how does that work? Thanks for your help.

Cloudflare needs to see that traffic in order to provide security and optimization for your site when you set that hostname to :orange: in DNS.

If you don’t want Cloudflare to provide these services, set your DNS entry to :grey:, and traffic will go straight to your server.

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