[whalentire.com] name servers / dns management

[whalentire.com]name servers / dns management
I am trying to track down where I can modify DNS records for the domain site.
The domain name is registered with name.com the nameservers are pointing to:

I believe the domain site needs to be linked to my cloudflare account.
I got an automated email from Cloudflare that they were busy and to post to the forum first.


If you’re logged into the Cloudflare account that manages the whalentire domain, the DNS tab should direct you to the DNS records you need to edit.

Thank you. I believe the cloudflare account information has been lost, so I am hoping customer service can assist with that matter.

If the “Forgot your email” approach doesn’t work, I’m afraid that Customer service can’t help, as they can only communicated with the verified owner of the account.

It’s often easier to just set up a new account and make the name server change at your registrar.

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