Wget R2 file slow

Hi everyone,
I use the R2 store me big files which more than 1GB everyone file.
I have set the cache rules to dodn’t cache my files,because I worried about I will violation of terms 2.8.
And I use my domain.
This is a test file: https://file.1323123.xyz/dd/windows/teddysun/zh-cn_windows11_22h2.xz

Now I have two question via using wget the file,
the first is sometimes I wget the files in my vps,the speed is very slowly,just 3MB/s.Although the speed may back up to 20MB/s after an hour.
I didn’t know why, my vps download speed is 1Gbps via bbr.

The second is how can I increase the wget speed, most of my vps bandwith is 1Gbps, but wget R2 file speed just about 20MB/s, nearly 150Mbps.
I’m not sure if it’s the wget tool issue, or the cloudflare R2 limitation, or a problem with my vps.

Last,most of my vps is hetzner OVH digitalocean,so I don’t think the vps provider’s network connection with R2 is bad