Wethenew keeps transactions for sneaker lovers secure with Cloudflare

Headquartered in France, Wethenew specializes in the resale of new, authentic and limited-edition sneakers. Their ecommerce platform allows customers all over the world to access unique and rare products. Wethenew is passionate about making sure all sneaker lovers get the opportunity to buy these limited products from a trusted seller - with guaranteed authenticity.

“Maintaining our customers’ trust is essential to ensuring their loyalty and keeping them coming back to our site,” notes David Raux, Chief Technical Officer of Wethenew.

From a technical point of view, Wethenew wanted to optimize existing assets and ease the burden on their IT team without disrupting their website. Because Wethenew hosts their site on Shopify, Cloudflare had to be integrated as a security layer on Shopify. At the same time, Wethenew needed to retain full control of cyber security event management.

Having had previous experience with Cloudflare, Wethenew decided to set up Cloudflare Bot Management as a first step, before moving on to secure their traffic with Cloudflare Web Application Firewall (WAF). Read more.

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