Were CF's named servers changed

I’m trying to verify my domain with Mailchimp, and I noticed that the named servers currently in use and set up by a former consultant are


But it looks like they have changed to


Is that because this was done initially through consultants account? I just set up a free account so I could try to figure out the Mailchimp changes needed.


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We cannot see the nameserver names that you shared since they have been rendered as web previews of cloudflare.com, but that is okay.

The situation you describe sounds like you have added your site to a new Cloudflare account when it is active in another account. This will result in a new nameserver pair being assigned to allow you to verify the domain and activate in the new account.

If your domain is used by a live website in a production environment, you should not change your nameservers casually, as it could cause a site outage or disruptions to other services that depend on DNS, such as email. I strongly recommend that you confer with your consultant prior to making any changes.

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+ @epic.network I’ve noticed that lately and will ask discourse about that, the previews are great, until they aren’t.

Downtheline, I used the quote on the namerservers Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 8.34.31 PM in the composer window as a workaround.

That results in:



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Thank you. I do believe that our consultant set us up initially in his master account, and as you suggested I created a new account in attempt to view what he did. Sounds like I should delete my free account so as not to create any confusion in the future. Do you agree?

Ideally, your consultant should be managing your data in your own account.

Such a change requires a coordinated migration to prevent downtime.

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