Well-known/pki-validation/fileauth.txt returns 404

I have a site hosted using Microsoft Azure Static Web Apps that is proxied through Cloudflare.

I have an issue connecting to any file in the /.well-known/ directory.

When using the default hostname xyz.azurestaticapps.net/.well-known/pki-validation/fileauth.txt I get a successful response.

If I try and do it through the Cloudflare proxied domain I get a 404. Interestingly, if I add a worker that just does fetch(request) - I get a success response.

Are /.well-known/ routes blocked by Cloudflare? If not how do I go about debugging why the proxied version returns 404, is there anyway to log the exact request made by Cloudflare?

The file exists and is reachable directly on it’s default domain and if I add a generic worker on that route.

How do I see what is the default proxy doing differently that only it gets a 404?

Well, what’s the domain giving the 404 error?

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